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An unforgettable experience

Brazil, the larger tobacco exporter in the world.

Due to its large territory, and Brazil can grow different range of climates and terroirs. Adding centuries of tradition, Brazilian tobacco is known for its quality and complexity flavour.

Image by Alex Plesovskich

The demand for exclusive, top-tier cigar experiences has never been higher, and aficionados continually seek new horizons in their cigar journeys. 

Alonso Menendez and Wife.tiff

Menendez & Amerino

The family who created the Montecristo brand, needs to relocate after the Cuban Revolution

The Cigars Brazil Mission

We believe in the Brazilian Cigar quality and we are proud of its history.

Our mission is to promote Brazilian cigar excellence in the UK, and be its premier ambassador.

The different types of 
Brazilian Tobacco

In this lush region, long before the arrival of Europeans, tobacco was already a cherished tradition among the indigenous people of what is now known as the State of Bahia.


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