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Types of Brazilian Tobacco

Inspired by the tobacco produced by the native inhabitants, a distinctive variety was cultivated, a variety that now serves as the cornerstone of cigar production in our country. This unique blend, known as Brazil Bahia, symbolises more than just the tobacco within; it encapsulates centuries of tradition and history. When you savour our Brazilian cigars, you're not just inhaling tobacco, but also a profound connection to the traditions and heritage of this land.

Mata Fina

Long and wide leaves, highly aromatic, sweet, with a unique flavor of medium intensity and a slight spiciness. This variety is cultivated in the Recôncavo Baiano, where the climate and soil conditions are favorable. The sandy soil receives an average of 1200 mm of rainfall per year, and all the tobacco is Sun Grown (cultivated direct in the sun).

Mata Norte

Smaller leaves, good strength, intense and sweet flavor. Producers of this variety are located in drier regions with higher sun exposure and lower humidity, in soil that ranges from clayey to sandy, resulting in more strength (medium to full), pronounced flavour, and hints of sweetness. Mata Norte tobacco is also Sun Grown, like Mata Fina.


Originating from the United States, this seed has a yellowish and striking appearance with fine veins. Its predominant sensory characteristic is a slight bitterness that resembles full-bodied beers.

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